Capability Innovation Life cycle

Process Design Pattern


The Capability Innovation Life Cycle is a set of activities that translates a set of requirements into an operational capability within an organization. When necessary, the life cycle alwo covers the retirement of a capability. This is not a standalone process but requires a project management process or equivalent to Initiate this life cycle.

See the Project Management.


See the following for additional information.

PDF: System Description: Capability as a System, Version 0.16 05-December-2022

PDF: System Description: Process (Human Activity), Version 0.4, 22-August-2022

Capability Viewpoint

Entry Criteria

A need for a new or revised capability has been identified within a capability model and no existing capability team or existing process can be adapted to meet this need. A team has been identified to manage this life cycle.


  • New or updated Process Documentation
  • Associated process materials (training, technology, etc.).
  • Community of Practice using the capability.
  • Capability (roll-out / maintain) Plan
  • Process Description (Abstract System).
  • Technology information (procurement, development, improvement).
  • Capability Team

Process Owner

  • Business Architect,
  • Quality Manager (ISO 9001)
  • or HR (OD)
  • with support from Finance.
  • Capability Practitioner


Capability Innovation Lifecycle Process


  • Capability Owner (or Process Owner)
  • Capability Manager (or Process Manager)
  • Practitioner (member of the capability community of practice)
  • Process Designer
  • Process Developer
  • Training Design
  • Training Development
  • Documentation Manager / Specialist (Knowledge Management).
  • Technology Designer
  • Technology Developer
  • Technology and Training Support
  • Capability Assessor / Auditor