Continual Management System Improvement

Process Design Pattern


To establish the ownership, requirements, team for management system improvement and plan for the implementation and management of the changes within the organization.

The set of capabilities to be realized for the management system are identified and capability models are created.

The performance of the management system is evaluated (measured) and gaps are analyzed.

Requirements are identified and prioritised. Support is provided for the people using the process and for the development of tools to automate the process.

A roadmap and associated investment is identified and planned.

The processes also include any associated governance activities and associated teams if required.

Entry Criteria

A project or organizational unit must be established. The project or organizational unit has a need to establish a continual management system improvement approach.


For a specific process as identified in the Process Model and identified with a Process High Level Design:

  • Capability Models for Sets of Capabilities to be realized.
  • Process Description for each process
  • Supporting Process Documentation
  • Management System Improvement Team.
  • Investment Management Plan (total, allocated, actual)
  • Audit Programme Plan.
  • Enterprise Architecture: Current state and Future State (possibly intermediate states).
  • Gap Analysis and Requirements.
  • Portfolio of Investment Projects.

Process Owner

Improvement Manager, Business Architect, Quality Manager (ISO 9001) or HR (OD) with support from Finance.


  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Establish Management System Vision and Scope
  • Establish Future State Enterprise Architecture Description
  • Identify Capability models for the capability sets needed in the organization.
  • Identify Gaps and Requirements
  • Establish Roadmap and Transitions
  • Establish priorities and manage investments
  • Monitor Investment projects
  • Provide On-going support
  • Evaluate Management System Performance
  • Establish and Implement Audit Programme (internal / external)
  • Establish Benchmark Programme (optional).
  • Control Documents


See the Improvement Team description for more information.

  • Management System Owner
  • Management System Architect
  • Capability Owner
  • Capability Manager
  • Process Practitioner
  • Process Designer
  • Process Support and Training (by practitioners)
  • Training Design
  • Tool Designer
  • Tool and Training Support